The Real Hustle – 10 Episodes

September 23, 2007

Here you can learn to rip people off in various ways. Or learn how to avoid being scammed. BBC presents: The Real Hustle, with ex-Playboy model Jessica Jane Clement. 10 episodes for YOU!

The Real Hustle: Shop Phone Call Scam
The Real Hustle: Hotel Key Switch
The Real Hustle: Small Ads Scam – Always Read the Fine Print
The Real Hustle: Rock Band Steal
The Real Hustle: Don’t Get Conned
The Real Hustle: Cash Machine Con
The Real Hustle: Map Scam
The Real Hustle: Melon Drop
The Real Hustle: Bogus Magazine Scam
The Real Hustle: Cheating at Gin



  1. YouTube has removed all of these videos due to “legal” reasons.

    You can still see Jess here on YouTube:
    Vernon Kay Gets Hustled by Jessica Jane Clements – The Real Hustle
    Behind the scenes with Jessica Jane Clement
    Boob.ie interview with Jessica Jane Clement

  2. Thanks for the update!

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