Inside the Lamborghini Gallardo. As fast as it looks, Maybe faster.

June 16, 2008

“How are the suits at Lamborghini upgrading their most sucessful vehicle ever? Get this—by replacing the Gallardo with an even better one! Since it debuted in 2003, more than 7,100 rich-guy driveways have been torn up by their “entry-level” ride (that’s actually a huge number for the firm’s hand-built standards). Five years is long in supercar years, so a call for change brings us the LP560-4, an enhanced Gallardo that pinches high-tech components and sleek design language from Lambo’s most exclusive models. A new engine supplies 560 hp, hence the moniker, while severely angled front and back ends push the car, and onlookers’ jaws, to the ground.”

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
Price: $198,000
Engine: 5.2-litre V-10
Torque: 398 lb.-ft. @ 6,500 rpm
Horsepower: 560
0-62 mph: 3.7 seconds
Top speed: 202 mph

Click here to check out all the pretty pictures of the mighty fine and very fast vehicle, as well as a full, detailed list of specs. Thanks to Carrie at Maxim for submitting this article via email!


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