BlackBerry Thunder: RIM’s upcoming touchscreen device

May 16, 2008

We’ve all known it was going to come eventually, and the amazing Boy Genius has found out some information on the very secretive device. First off, apparently the touchscreen device is called the BlackBerry Thunder, or known as the BlackBerry 9500 when referring to the model number. Rumored to be out in Q3 of this year, the device takes advantage of a full touchscreen with only four buttons gracing the surface (send and end keys, the BlackBerry key, and a back key). The most intriguing piece of knowledge, however, is that Vodafone and Verizon will have the device as a worldwide and lifetime exclusive. This exclusivity is definitely big for Verizon, considering it will need something to compete against the supposed 3G iPhone exclusive to AT&T. The only catch is that if Verizon doesn’t meet a certain sales number, than bye-bye exclusivity. Apparently the device will not only be CDMA with EV-DO Rev. C (which is high speed and almost extinct), but may also have some form of high-speed 4G capability. Also, the device could feature GSM with 3G capability for international travels.  Be prepared everyone, because the Thunder is coming, so look out for it. Note: the picture used is a mockup provided by The Boy Genius Report and is all we have to think about until someone catches sight of the tightly concealed Thunder.

Thanks blargkaboom!


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