The Oculas – Relaxation Pod

April 4, 2008

Developed over four years by renowned British designer Lee McCormack, the McLaren Formula One™ racing team, computer interface designers, and yacht builders, this is the most complete and distinctly personalized lounging oasis in the world, allowing you to safely and serenely shut out the world with the perfect levels of lighting, sound, seating, and privacy you select. This private relaxation theater is handmade of fiberglass and integrates advanced audio, visual, seating, and environment technologies, as well as your choice of Macintosh or PC computer, to create a space that allows you to relax completely. The Oculas has an electronic door that closes silently at a touch, coccooning a sitter inside the well-lit interior.

The optional built-in massage chair accommodates a single person and has four settings from light to vigorous. An integral surround-sound system provides clear audio and the flat-panel video screen allows you to watch your favorite DVDs, or you can connect a video game console. The screen can also connect to the Internet for music and video downloading. All functions are controlled by an interactive touch screen.

Get yours for only $45grand. From Hammacher.


One comment

  1. I saw this car sitting next to the the new saleen Gt mustang what a pair.

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