Halo Energy Sword – For Realz!

February 17, 2008

OMFG. Thats right, a F*cking Energy Sword. That can be yours. For money. Mad skills not required.
Little is known about the power of this sword, but we do know that this shit is rare; as our interview with Master Chief reveals, “Initially thought to be purely ceremonial. Few have been seen in combat, but they are invariably carried by high ranking elites. We don’t understand how it functions, but it cuts through any armor with ease.” -MC

Overall Length: 36″ (3 feet)
Width : 14″
Custom handle fit for any elite
Solid Stainless Steel Blade with mirrored finish
Sword itself weighs 6 pounds! Light enough to carry around but strong enough to lunge attack

Buy yours from Lionheartsrealm for only $150.00 (eBay auction)


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