i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot

January 1, 2008

Introducing i-SOBOT – the world’s smallest, most advanced humanoid robot ever to walk on two legs! – May turn evil and karate chop you.

You can control i-SOBOT’s actions via a wireless infrared remote with LCD using dual joysticks and command buttons for kicks, punches, somersaults, dancing, push-ups, you name it. “i-SOBOT’s sophisticated Japanese robotic technology includes 19 integrated-circuit chips, a gyro sensor (for balance) and 17 custom-developed servo-motors that grace i-SOBOT with 17 degrees of freedom and more than 200 distinct actions.” From his speaker you’ll hear hundreds of preset phrases and 60 kinds of sound effects; two LED eyes glow bright green and blue. He also responds to voice commands in logical – but unpredictable – ways.

All for only $300! (I remember a few years ago when this first came out he was priced at well over a thousand bucks)

Check out the promotional video, and click here to buy one of your own.


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