Coffee Cultivated and ‘Processed’ by Monkeys + Friends

November 29, 2007

Lets put those good for nothing animals to good use! I’m sure these cute little animals get great benefits in return for their work, and maybe there is even a union, who knows. So anyway, check out some of this coffee and tea for a little something thats out of the ordinary. Try some tasty ‘Weasel Coffee‘ or ‘Civet Coffee‘ (what the hell is a Civet?). Oh yeah, a good thing to know is what their job actually entails (no pun). They start their cute little furry days by going out early and actually finding and picking some coffee beans. Then they do a little ‘processing’, where they eat the coffee and then poop it out. The poop coffee is then further processed to extract the coffee goodness and made into the stuff you put in your cup. Yum. It’s supposed to be really good, without even tasting like poop! If you don’t want coffee that has already been digested, go for the less animally intrusive ‘Monkey Picked Tea‘. Get them for £9.95 through to £22.95.


One comment

  1. Lol! This stuff is getting around. I’ve seen it sold in a few different places.
    Would anyone try this stuff?

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