Your Favorite Enemies – Europe Tour

October 18, 2007

Your Favorite Enemies are back from their European tour, and non other but Miss Isabel herself has took the time to tell you all about it!

October 17th 2007
My Goodness what an experience! For the very first time of my band’s life (Your Favorite Enemies) we did a short European tour that led us to the UK, Germany, France and Netherlands… Now that I am back in Canada it’s hard to believe such incredible and intense moments went by so fast… the good news is that they won’t be the last ones! But of course the first steps into an international music career are very special and I will definitely remember them all my life. Some people ask me which country or city was the best or what was the highlight of the tour, and it’s so hard for me to make up my mind on the right answer.

You have to understand that YFE wanted this tour to be the most intimate as possible in order for us to meet the people we’ve been talking over myspace for almost a year. Business wise we had important shows since many record labels and promoters wanted to see us perform, but each place we played at, we concentrated on the people… Anyway if you stop by our website you’ll notice that EVERYTHING we do is about people… We are spokespeople for Amnesty International, we take the time to answer personally each and every message we get, we are opening up on many subjects that are relevant in our generation… And we managed to keep on being so personal as well when we were on tour and THAT would be my best definition of my “tour highlight”.

In fact, during the day of the shows, myself and a couple of my band mates were meeting our “fans” (we prefer the word “friends” which is really what they are to us)…in a coffee shop or in a park, just to chat and share and then maybe go around the city a bit spending cool time together… you think it’s weird? Not only that, but after the shows we were going back in the crowd to talk with people, giving them hugs and of course the traditional pics and autographs… I don’t understand why some artists don’t like to do these things… I mean it’s true that it has nothing to do with you… once you signed a few you don’t get that “I feel so important” feeling anymore…so the next 100 autographs are purely for the person in front of you! I just love to care for someone and try to make him/her feel like the most important person on earth for a split second… We all need to feel like someone we respect or admire truly cares about us… wether it be a parent, a teacher, a boss or a girly rock singer…

Now, since you guys are hungry for everything new and up to date, here’s what is next for YFE… We are heading to Toronto on October 29th to showcase for Canadian Record labels and concert promoters… Like in Europe, this show will be very important for our us and we would love to share this moment (and stress!lol) with as much cool people as possible to transform this regular showcase into a big YFE family reunion! So… dear readers, don’t hesitate to first get on our website ( http://www.yourfavoriteenemies.com), listen to our music to make sure you like it, leave us a message and be surprised that we DO actually answer to each one of them!… and then drop by The Rivoli at 7pm on the 29th (“The Rivoli” 334 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON)…COME ON! Not only the entrance is FREE ( I knew you liked not only new techno gadget…but also FREE stuff!) but you’ll get a taste of a “people oriented” band…curious?… You should be!

– Miss Isabel, YFE


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