LED Mirror – Sent From the Future.

October 10, 2007

Imagine: you wake up real tired from a long night of playing Halo 3. You are certain that you’ve slept in. But you can’t just open your eyes right away because you are too tired. So instead of looking at your bedside alarm clock, you can head to the bathroom and read the time while brushing your teeth. Or set it up to tell you how the stock market is going.
Here is an uber futuristic mirror that features a scrolling LED message board that is click mounted behind a glass mirror. It will tell you the time and date and it can even be programed to save personalised messages of up to 4000 characters. And how is this done? Why, by what else but a remote control! Or you can connect it to your PC. Own this piece of the future for only £300.00 from Suck UK.



  1. I’ve seen about 2-3 months ago a demo of a mirror that made visible on some parts of it images – it was to be used in publicity and ads in restrooms. A british company produced them, but I can’t remember the name.

  2. i bet they have cameras installed on these things to watch you do your dirty business.

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