Feature: Definition – Hip Hop/Electro/Experimental

October 6, 2007

With just finishing work on a 6 track EP, Definition is locked and loaded to blow your minds. Check out their stuff at their myspace page here, but in the meantime check this bio.
Definition is a two man hip hop and electronica project based in Tucson, Arizona. Combining both original loop-driven samples and beats, they weave an intricate gossamer of auditory ecstasy; much like that of an acid-induced spiderweb (Acid Pro 6.0, that is). Focusing on “less hip, more hop,” they bring more than just biscuits and gravy to the hip hop cultural dinner table. Despite their affinity for bumps, jams, “ill-nastyz,” freshness, and sick grooves, they often get down to a chill melody encompassing flavorful textures of the most incandescent nature — like that of a sojourn to the fruitful waterfall valleys of one’s own mind.
In their free time, Chip and Scott (the aforementioned duo), enjoy delirium and tremors caused by alcohol withdrawal and broken hearts, aiding to their already shaky psyches. When they do actually find the time to leave their humble studio-abode, Chip enjoys sailing and smooth jazz whilst Scott fancies dinosaurs and various loud, percussive effects.
Their breakout EP, titled In the Company of Owls, showcases both their love for raptorial birds and their strange, borderline inappropriate obsession with simian aestheticism. Buy it — and you too, can be one of the few, the proud, the Definition.


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  1. Hellz yeah!


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