Death Proof – Extended and Unrated

September 26, 2007

Death Proof is an instant classic and cult favorite. As I watched the first part of the movie I was left wanting.. anything, anything at all to happen. The movie is plagued with extreme lows but then is blessed with with extreme highs. Interplanetary highs. So as I started to fall asleep during the first part, thinking that I bought some weird chick flick, all of the sudden an explosion of blood and guts splattered all over the screen. Then it happens again and again, each time getting more gruesome and more out of control. Kurt Russell is awesome as “Stuntman Mike”, and Quentin makes his appearance as expected. One of the main girls has a Michael Jackson nose. Luckily her face gets ripped off.
It’s worth bearing through the weakness to witness the total insanity that is sure to follow.
Buy it for 23 bucks.


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  1. Great review!

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